Why Sanigest?

Sanigest is a premier health care and social sector consulting firm focused on emerging markets. We understand the industry and provide our clients with high-quality products and insightful support.

A number of factors separate us from our competition:

In-depth Understanding Our work in over 50 countries, with all levels of government, across a wide range of sectors, provides us with an in-depth understanding of the challenges clients in the both public and private sectors face.

The Right People
Our managing director is a leading public policy analysst with more than 15 years experience. Our teams are assembled by combining our in-house staff with more than 100 years of combined experiences with our network of more than 300 associate consultants to ensure the optimal skill set and proven ability to deliver the project objectives.
Proven Management We have built a strong track record as project managers in more than 300 healthcare projects around the world. Our certification by ISO 9001 confirms the comprehensive nature of our quality assurance system.
World-class Innovation Sanigest is often highlighted for delivering innovative solutions. We aim to deliver results for our clients based on cutting edge tools and international best practice.
We Make a Difference We strive to engineer to solutions through the introduction of positive and practical solutions. We have a long-term commitment to achieving positive social outcomes.
Partnership Approach We conduct projects in a manner designed to strengthen relationships between the stakeholders, both internal and external.
Easy to Work With We work to build a rapport and ensure open communications with our clients.