SANIGEST was able to meet all the requested condition to our utmost satisfaction. The
experience of the team and the firm’s approach to restructuring have been extremely valuable
for the Ministry of Health.SANIGEST undertook the following consulting project: “Twinning arrangement for investment planning in the health sector” between the period of April, 2010 until the present date.Throughout the assignment SANIGEST demonstrated the highest level of performance and excelled in engaging the client and delivering results.
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2013
As the project manager, I worked closely with Sanigest International throughout the implementation process. The study undertaken within a complex political/operational environment, and I was impressed by the team’s expert knowledge, professionalism and tenacity throughout the implementation process. The final products is of exceptionally high quality, and promises to inform policy and programme development with respect to HIV impact mitigation for years to come.
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 2011
Sanigest lnternational team, lead by Mr. JamesCercone, has demonstrated strong technical and analytical capacity with respect to the conduct of impact evaluations, as well as high-level communication skills, including the ability to present findings and propose innovative impact mitigation measures
United Nations Development Programme, 2010
Sanigest was able to meet all the requested activities to our utmost satisfaction. The endeavors that the Sanigest team undertook with regards to the impact evaluation of Jamaica’s conditional cash transfer program included the design, implementation, analysis and dissemination of results.
Sanigest demonstrated extensive knowledge in the technical design of the surveys and fieldwork required (including the research protocol, sample design, survey instrument design) confidential database management, impact analysis and dissemination of results.
Ministry of labour and Social Security , 2014
Sanigest demonstrated the highest level of performance and excelled in engaging the client and delivering results.
Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Health & Population Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Program , 2014
As Director of Equity Programs Department of the Ministry of Education Republic of Costa Rica. I want to express our satisfaction with the timeliness and quality of services provided by Sanigest Internacional.La extensive experience in education projects as well as a valuable business reputation over time combine high quality products. Reasons for the decision Sanigest hiring. During the period of our contract, we were impressed positively with deep analysis and quality of advisers and support staff team consultant to share ideas and products.
Ministry of Education of the Republic of Costa Rica, 2010
SANIGEST INTERNATIONAL worked with us effectively on the consultancy: “Impact of Health Insurance on Access to Health Services, Health Services Use, and Health Status in the Developing World: the case of Costa Rica” over the period between May 1st, 2008 until November, 2010. The consultancy was conducted to The Brookings Institution.During the Project, the Sanigest consultants worked effectively and professionally to provide Brookings Institute with a product that will promote the understanding of the impact of health insurance and provide insights into health policy. The work was published as a chapter in the book titled The Impact of Health Insurance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, edited by Maria-Luisa Escobar, Charles Griffin, and R. Paul Shaw.
Global Economy and Development, 2011
Sanigest was contracted by us over the period April 2007—August 2007 to provide
consultancy services in the development of our National Health Insurance Plan (to enhance,
guarantee and protect access to health care services for all). Specifically, Sanigest was
involved in three (3) critical tasks–developing a catalogue of health benefits; specifying
terms of contracting and payment systems for health services providers in the country;
preparing a framework for implementation including guidelines for Management Information
Systems (MIS).I can strongly recommend Sanigest International as an excellent partner for any challenging project involving the development of health insurance plans, the contracting of health care services, provider reimbursement systems, structural reorganization and an in-depth
understanding of the current trends in the health sector.
National Insurance Board in The Bahamas, 2007
Sanigest satisfactory completed the work and demonstrated extensive knowledge of HIV and excellent analytical skills in the analysis of socio-economic data. The consultant provided high quality products and was very responsive to all of our needs. I would be happy to recommend Sanigest for any future work and to work with them and its team in the future.
United Nations Development Program , 2011
“It was a pleasure to work with Sanigest in the course of implementation of both the Health Investment Fund and AIDS Project in Moldova and in the preparation of the Health Policy Note for Moldova. Sanigest consultants are highly dedicated professionals who take pride in servicing the client. They get along well with the client at all levels and are real team players when asked to help in handling tasks beyond their direct responsibility. Sanigest consultants are great communicators and negotiators. They write well and present well. One can always count them on to produce high quality work within tight deadlines. I will be delighted to be associated with Sanigest in other work in the future.”
World Bank, Moldova 2005
“The scope of this program, located in the context of health sector reform in Ecuador, supported the reform of the sector through the dissemination of a process linked to the policies of the new constitution, training and institutional actors civil society in sector reform and related laws. Likewise noteworthy team´s effort on Sanigest involvement of local actors in the development project. Sanigest demonstrated an extensive knowledge of health systems and business planning, developing health plans and training of local teams and strategic planning techniques.”
PASSE, Programa de Apoyo al Sector Salud en Ecuador, 2009
“Sanigest was contracted by us over the period February 2009 – February 2010 to provide consultancy services to measure the effects that Equity Programs of the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica (Student Transportation, Scholarships and Aliment Subsidies) have on the beneficiaries in terms of access, academic performance, dropout, hygiene and nutritional status. At the same time they provided us a list of new qualitative and quantitative indicators that will be included as management tools to measure effects and impact on a regularly basis.The depth of expertise in education projects and their reputation for on-time, high-quality outputs were strong reasons behind our decision to contract Sanigest. During the period of our contract, we have been quite impressed with the depth of their analysis, the quality of the consultants and support staff and the overall professionalism of their team to share ideas and outputs.”
Ministry of Education of Costa Rica, 2009
“Sanigest International supported us in the development of provider payment mechanisms for primary and hospital care, for the development and negotiation of Contracts with diverse providers and in the development of accreditation and certification instruments for providers. Also, Sanigest elaborated the performance evaluation mechanism for the system, as well as the organizational and functional design for the Board of Directors of the Belize Social Security.A component of high added value of the support that Sanigest International offered to us was the design, development and implementation of an information system (Health Planner) for planning, contracting, purchasing, payment and evaluation of health services at a national level.”
Belize Social Security Board, 2001
“The team of consultants from Sanigest International S.A. was in charge of collecting data and analyzing public expenditures in the social sectors. The work served as the basis for the preparation of the Costa Rica Public Expenditure Review (PER). The team worked on the following issues: i) Evaluation of impact of reforms; ii) Identification of weaknesses and strengths of the various social sector programs and, iii) Design of a new agenda of priorities for the development of social programs, that will serve as the basis for the country assistance strategy. We contacted Sanigest International due to their excellent reputation with international health care projects. Sanigest conducted an in-depth market study to estimate the projected demand for services per specialty and to evaluate the current supply of each service by existing providers in the region.”
World Bank, Costa Rica 2003
“The project includes the development of a conceptual framework for evaluating the impact of the proposed reform in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), the development of qualitative instruments to measure the impact of World Bank´s projects aboutindicators of efficiency, quality and equity in the health system, identification of key indicators to measure the impact of the project and finally, the development of a logical framework that links resources invested and results of efficiency, quality and equity in the health system.”
Mexican Institute of Social Security, 2003
“As part of the assistance provided by Sanigest to analyze the HIV / AIDS services in order to assess their relevance and the possibility of reducing the HIV / AIDS and STIs, ensuring the provision of an informative analysis for those who develop policies in this regard, the above mentioned analysis will be used to improve decision making.”
World Bank, Kazakhstan 2004
“The main objective of this consultancy was to conduct an assessment of National Health Policy for the Period 1997-2002. In terms of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The work was successfully carried through activities such: review and analysis of relevant information, developing of work plan, design and implementation of evaluation methodology proposed by Sanigest, proposed list of recommendations based on identified constraints. The assessment was a valuable input in the development of the National Health Policy for the period 2004-2015.”
Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Nicaragua 2004
“Excellent training, especially for a leading Ministry in charged of the management of this tool, with the purpose of improve detection of disparities, and new concepts that can be very consistent with the conceptual and strategic stewardship. I am very pleased with the professional staff of the consultancy, and the products submitted. We are satisfied with the way how Sanigest has coordinated with this unit, in a respectful, serious and responsible way, coordination under these circumstances is very comfortable.”
Ministry of Health, Costa Rica 2007
“Sanigest Internacional has proven to be an excellent management company for projects. We have been favourably impressed with the depth of their analysis and expertise, and the professionalism of their staff. The healthcare delivery system developed by Colimodio Multihospital System together with the business plan prepared by Sanigest International has attracted the attention of prestigious international healthcare organizations that are currently being negotiated by CMS with organizations such as Duke University Health System and other well -known entities.”
Colimodio Multihospital System (CMS), Venezuela 2000
“A team of Sanigest experts worked with us over the past 18 months to improve the performance of our provider network. Ad part of this project, Sanigest led the following activities; development to the criteria for the minimum provider network, elaboration of hospital master plan 2006- to 2015, preparation of the Restructuring Plans for the Region of Trenčin, development of Contracting Instruments for Health Insurance Preparation of Provider Payment Mechanisms and Models for Evaluating Selective Contracting, among many other useful products. During this process, the consultant carried out a detailed Hospital Assessment that included 44 States Hospitals and 18 Non-States Hospitals. Results of the Assessment were inputted in the elaboration of the Master Plan and the Optimization Plan. Moreover Sanigest is continuing to prepare guidelines for the implementation of the hospital governance, and is assisting the Health Care Surveillance Authority to formulate the star-up system for the HIC’s enhanced autonomy system; Finally, Sanigest developed the Health Restructuring Fund Operational Manual, elaborating an ex-ante evaluation of the impact of Fund in the hospital sector.”
Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic 2006
“We hereby would like to express our satisfaction with the services provided by Sanigest within the framework of the UNDP Regional Capacity Assessment initiative. Sanigest was selected through an open bidding selection process to implement the project mainly due to their previous experience with projects in the field of public health and HIV/AIDS. It was a great pleasure to work with experts from Sanigest, since their professional approach was demonstrated at all stages of the project. Their dedication and commitment to fulfill all tasks outlined in the terms of reference was expressed on various occasions. Finally, all project deliverables were of high quality and submitted on time.”
United Nations Development Program, 2006
“Sanigest developed activities to design a model of certification, professional training, pilot testing functions and the implementation of information systems, to support the certification process and management of the directory of certified units. We declare that this project fits perfectly with “Terms of Reference” requested by our organization.”
United Nations Development Program / Health Reform, 2006