Team Capabilities

Sanigest InternacionalTeam Capabilities

The Sanigest team aims to build long-term relationships with our clients to offer increased performance and quality to their customers and the population they serve.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the identification of the client’s needs, strategic planning, creativity and technical rigor, and extensive communication with the client. Two basic principles unite the Sanigest professionals and form the guiding framework that allows us to be responsive to each client – we stand behind our work and diligently monitor and evaluate the progress of each project.

Sanigest aims to maximize the number of full time staff, and as a result, we currently have more than 50 people working full time on projects around the world. The small size allows us to be highly responsive to our client’s needs and to develop customized solutions.

In addition to our in-house personnel, Sanigest possesses a support network of more than 200 associate consultants who are invited to participate based on a project’s specific requirements. Our network includes specialists in diverse disciplines such as:

 Actuarial Sciences  Public Health  Demography
 Law  Medicine  Engineering
 Epidemiology  Economics  Statistics