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By engaging the private sector and giving it defined responsibilities, governments broaden their options for delivering better services through the provision of PPP.

The range of options for PPP has expanded enormously over the years. Agreements between public and private entities include: management or service contracts, wholesale privatization or divestiture, and outsourcing. Hybrid models of PPP have experienced explosive growth in recent years in the health sector, especially with the development of a more diversified pool of emerging market investors and operators with local expertise.

How we can help you

We deliver advisory services focused on the long-term strategy of our clients, as well as on a transaction basis. Our services enable clients to maximize PPP schemes to:

  • Increase access and improve the quality and affordability of public services
  • Alleviate the budgetary constraints of governments
  • Respect consumers’ affordability to pay for public services
  • Attract private sector know-how and investments through the structuring of creditable transactions, whilst ensuring cost recovery and financial sustainability.

Over the past 10 years Sanigest has been involved with the design, implementation and management of PPPs in several countries. Our careful insight contributes to successful project development and implementation.


Liberia:National Diagnostic Center

Ministry of Health of Liberia (MoH) is aiming at improving its laboratory and imaging services at the JFK Medical Center (JFK) through private sector participation. At its request, Sanigest is advising MoH to develop this health projects as a Public Private Partnership (PPP). The objective of this project is to improve public laboratory and imaging services in Monrovia by attracting one or several PPP partners to structure and operate the National Diagnostic Center as a Finance, Build, Design, Equip Operate and Transfer, by investing in infrastructure, equipment and IT, introduce a quality management system, proposing prices in line with regional comparators.


Project Details

Costa Rica: Design of the Heredia Hospital PPP in Costa Rica

Sanigest participated in the design of a PPP hospital project for one of Costa Rica’s oldest hospitals. The project aimed to replace the existing facility with a new center financed and managed by a private consortium. The assistance included the design of the business model, the tender documents, evaluation criteria, and draft contracts.

Project Details


India: Technical Assistance for building capacity in health Departments to design, manage and monitor Public-Private Partnerships.

The project aims to develop instruments for improving ongoing PPPs, including contract management manuals, costing and tariff structures, accounting, fund flow management, better contract designs (for renewal), guidance on MIS and performance monitoring, impact assessment methodologies, quality control and handling grievances for efficient management of PPP contracts. Sanigest was tasked with preparation for a PPP transaction in consultation with the DOHFW, including conducting one scoping study. Provide direct support to the state health department in developing a comprehensive policy towards harmonious and regulated growth of the private sector, including opportunities for investment in health services in the state in accordance with the state policy on PPP and guidelines from other funding sources (e.g.: GOI).

Project Details

Afghanistan: Workshop on Key Instruments and Methods for Hospital

Sanigest built the capacity of government officials to develop and manage hospital Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Participants were trained in health needs assessment planning and its integration with PPP design, key success factors associated with PPP implementation, tools to evaluate value-for-money, assessing PPP projects, development of payment mechanisms for PPP projects and understanding key PPP project risks and how to mitigate them through project design and contract management.

Project Details


Kazakhstan: Arrangements for Investment Planning in the Health Sector

Twinning Arrangements for Investment Planning in the Health Sector

The investment strategy was developed over a ten year horizon and included the identification of a pipeline of public-private partnerships in 16 regions. During the project, Sanigest prepared Master Plans for 16 regional authorities, including the demand and supply needs, restructuring of more than 1,000 hospitals, more than 7,000 primary care providers and more than 2,000 laboratories throughout Kazakhstan.

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