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Sanigest provides sound advice and support to clients seeking to invest in new programs or infrastructure, or expand their current practice in healthcare or other social sectors. Our team has significant expertise in conducting feasibility studies and due diligence for clients worldwide.

  • Design, enhance, implement, and evaluate a broad spectrum of healthcare financing reforms

Sanigest develops solutions in both the public and private healthcare arenas, enabling countries to improve health sector efficiency, provider performance, service quality and access for poor and disadvantaged populations. Sanigest provides technical assistance and training for a range of health finance issues including: Resource mobilization and allocation, Social and community-based health insurance, Block grants, Managed care reimbursement.

  • Quality assessment and quality improvement for schools and government including accreditation, ISO certification, guidelines development and business planning.
  • Development of PPPs including transaction advisory and feasibility studies.
  • Business process management & reengineering through the development of appropriate contextualized business process mapping and introduction of lean manufacturing and other techniques to reengineer business processes.
  • Design and implementation of M&E including design of performance measurement systems, including balanced scorecard approaches for tracking and measuring performance.
  • Education reform Sanigest has assisted clients with the development of new financing formulas for transforming education transfers, developing assessments to improve education performance and identifying mechanism to reduce drop out and repetition rates.
  • Survey design and implementation in education and other social sectors including baseline, midterm and end line surveys. Our work focuses on translating the results into policy recommendations that can be implemented for high impact.
  • Change Management Communication and change management plans, structured activities for all, to transition from a current to a desired future state.
  • Poverty Alleviation strategy developing including the preparation of poverty profiles, the design of pro-poor strategies in areas such as education, health and nutrition, the implementation of poverty reduction plans, the estimation of financing needs to fill resource gaps required to implement social agendas, the definition of M&E systems and key indicators as well as impact evaluation of poverty alleviation programs such as Conditional Cash Transfer initiatives using modern quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  • Impact evaluation studies including the design and implementation of evaluation strategies, survey tools and application of quantitative/ qualitative techniques to analyze the information.
  • Design and implementation of pilot programs to assess utilization, costs, outcomes, efficiency, and optimal incentives for social sector reform projects.
  • Application and System Development – Including web based and Smart Phone Applications.
  • Curriculum Analysis We are able to translate basic functional data such as student numbers; FTEs course type, contact times or equivalent and develop desk top models to inform the design team as to quantum and type of teaching and non-teaching space requirements.
  • Space Modeling We are able to produce space models that will identify schedules of accommodation detailing teaching, non-teaching, administration and infrastructure requirements that can form the basis of the design brief. It also facilitates the preparation of a shortfall analysis when comparing the model against existing accommodation which would then be a key driver for the preparation of option appraisals.
  • Benchmarking We utilize our extensive range of capital lifecycle and FM cost data to assist in benchmarking or market testing exercise.
  • Develop of Pilot Projects to improve attendance and performance indicators Sanigest has worked with public and private education institutions to develop mechanisms to improve performance and enhance the capacity of school managers or superintendence to monitor school attendance.
  • Development of performance-based frameworks and balanced scorecards for education institutions Sanigest has worked extensively with schools and ministries of education to develop balanced scorecard frameworks for education.

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