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Sanigest works on a wide range of projects in the Facility Management sector. On the left-hand menu, you can explore them in more details.

  • Commissioning
  • Financial Management and Control
  • Hospital Planning and Management
  • Supply Chain Improvement

Some projects in this area include:

Albania: Technical Assistance for Hospital Management

Sanigest assisted to implement the national hospital reform program by reviewing the governance, management, and organizational structure, as well as rules, responsibilities, and accountability for decision-making to improve hospital performance. This included the redefinition of hospital autonomy and clear lines of accountability to support the strategic direction of the Government.

Costa Rica: Implementation of a Management Scorecard for Hospital Services

The Hospital Calderón Guardia appointed Sanigest to not only redesign the hospital’s internal business processes, but also draft and implement a balanced scorecard for the management of the hospital. The scorecard specifically comprised key performance indicators for monitoring finances, client satisfaction, internal practices, and employee training objectives. Sanigest team members carried out employee training sessions on the principle aspects of the balance scorecard, as well as the new and improved business process.

Costa Rica: Evaluation of Operations and Waiting Times in the Hospitals

Sanigest was contracted to develop a strategy for reducing waiting lists in Hospital Calderón Guardia and Hospital San Juan de Dios, the two largest national hospitals with a combined 150 million dollar budget. In the primary stages of the project, Sanigest assessed the hospitals’ patient handling processes and then redesigned the processes to offer a more efficient and effective service. In addition, the Sanigest team reviewed the hospitals’ operations in order to identify bottlenecks and provided assistance with managing the operating rooms. Sanigest comprehensively evaluated the hospitals management and protocols, as well as developed payment plans and incentives for physicians.

Colombia: Management of the Emergency Department

Sanigest contributed their expertise to the development of the central organization and management of services for the Emergency Department in Simón Bolivar Hospital. Additional services delivered by Sanigest were aimed toward the redesign of business processes to improve patient flow in the emergency room (ER) and toward improvements in the hospital’s billing process, in order to establish links with insurance companies in the United States and Colombia.


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