Disseminating necessary knowledge is useful as long as it is available for those who need it at the right moment. The creation and transfer of knowledge is not a goal in itself: it is a means to reach a higher goal.

The Training area emerged as a response to the growing demand for knowledge transfer activities in projects developed by Sanigest Internacional. Projects in this area can involve offering training activities for specific components within a project, as well as those projects exclusively based on the transfer of knowledge.

Sanigest is convinced that knowledge must be disseminated, and therefore, we have invested significant time and effort into designing data construction and transfer methodologies that adapt to the characteristics and needs of our clients, in order to cover any of the following scenarios:

  • Need of new knowledge within a target group
  • Need to update previously acquired knowledge
  • Need to unify knowledge within different groups

Each training project or component undertaken requires the Sanigest professionals to diligently study and understand the characteristics of the individual or group to be trained, their environment, and the expected application they will make of the knowledge acquired. This is the starting point, to develop the theoretical and practical training strategies that best adjust to the compliance with the project’s objectives. Our goal is to actively engage trainees so that they receive hands-on training with the thematic contents involved in a project; in other words, learning by doing.
Our training events are conducted by internationally experienced professionals who put their technical and academic experience at the service of the participants in order to satisfy their most minute needs. Based on its experience in coordinating local and international training events, either one day or several weeks long, Sanigest Internacional continually strives to uphold its number one goal: transferring knowledge. As a result, value is created for our clients.

Ecuador: Organic Law of the National Health System, Workshop

Within the framework of the national reform program in Ecuador, this project boosted the reform of the sector through a process of decentralization, the diffusion of the process, and the capacity building of institutional and civil society actors within their sectorial reform and its related laws including the Organic Law of the National Health System, Free Maternity and Child Care Law, Health Act, and Essential Roles of Public Health.
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Costa Rica: Program in Statistics and Quantitative Methods

The project consisted in the provision of six workshops to train a selected group of professionals of the Ministry of Health in the use and application of the statistical software SPSS. The workshops comprised the transmission of knowledge about the capabilities of the software for its application in the work units of the Ministry of Health, as well as the realization of practical exercises based on samples of information currently collected by the Ministry. In that sense the theoretical-practical character of the workshop was guaranteed.
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Bahamas: Country Response Information System (CRIS)

Sanigest implemented the CRIS System at the country level in the Bahamas, as well as generating consolidated monitoring and evaluation country reports on HIV/AIDS interventions (prevention, treatment, and support, among others). To facilitate the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems, Sanigest first coordinated with UNAIDS Bahamas to provide technical assistance in M&E based on the CRIS System.
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China: Analytic Literature Review of OECD

Sanigest was engaged by the World Bank to develop a training module on integrated care networks for high-level technical authorities in the Ministry of Health and healthcare system. The specific objectives of this consultancy were two-fold: (i) conduct an analytic literature review of OECD country experience with integrated and coordinated care that is relevant to the Chinese context; and (ii) deliver a presentation (via recorded video) at a workshop June 6-10, 2011.
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