Social Protection


At Sanigest, our consultants are expanding economic opportunities for all and bringing sustainable, scalable solutions to the world’s most vulnerable. With an international network of resources, our company brings a range of capabilities and expertise in designing and implementing projects that aim to protect populations that are vulnerable to economic, social and environmental risk. Our work has focused on promoting efficient labour markets, diminishing people’s exposure to risks, and enhancing their capacity to protect themselves against hazards and interruption or loss of income.

Our Insights

Our expertise has allowed us to provide advisory services to clients across a number of social and economic issues:

  • Conditional cash transfer programs aimed at improving community livelihoods are part of a growing policy emphasis on the use of market-oriented demand-side interventions to directly support the poor.
  • As populations age, many countries are exploring social pensions that provide cash benefits to vulnerable older citizens who are most in need of a safety net.
  • Social investment funds address the problems of poverty through targeted employment and investment programmes by securing support from the business community, governments and other organisations.

How we work

  • Programme Development: In the design of social protection interventions, our teams begin by explicitly defining the target population to be supported and the impact that the intervention aims to have on this group. A targeting process for accurately identifying those eligible for the programme then is designed. This process must balance the need for targeting effectiveness and be administratively and financially feasible.
  • Programme Implementation: In addition to design, Sanigest Internacional has extensive experience in supporting national social protection programmes implementation, including the development of administrative systems, implementation manuals, training procedures and on-going programme review and policy feedback and fine-tuning.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Our team can provide real time evaluation and monitoring of ongoing projects and assist in filling gaps by providing technical monitoring inputs. We specialize in providing harmonised and robust monitoring and evaluation cover for all stakeholders focusing on results and impacts along with budgets. This not only provides input for mid-course corrections but is also an important tool for accountability.

Caribbean: Study of Caribbean Health Systems

A group of Sanigest experts executed an in-depth analysis of the prevailing health systems in 24 countries of the Caribbean region. Sanigest’s analysis specifically covered the structure and functioning of the Caribbean health systems, the populations’ health needs and priorities, and the status of health reform processes in the region. On the same note, the analysis detailed the financing of the health systems, the coverage of health services, and the challenges the health systems were likely to face in the future.
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Request for proposal