Primary Health Care (PHC)




Sanigest provides expert technical and administrative analysis for the development and implementation of national health systems



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Primary health care in any country should be based on practical and scientifically sound methods and utilize technology that can be made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community. Additionally, this should come at a cost sustainable to the community and country, at every stage of their development. Sanigest, with its large experience, provides services to its clients with the final aim of improving the coverage and utilization of quality PCH services.

Sanigest’s capabilities in the PHC area include:

  • Improvement and design of PHC M&E systems
  • Analysis of PHC data
  • Development of performance evaluation schemes

Belize: Strengthening and Rolling Out National Health Insurance

Over an 8 year period with back-to-back contracts, the Sanigest team employed their expertise in the development of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system for the Social Security Board of Belize. Within the scope of this project, Sanigest provided assistance in the implementation of a Primary Care Model and the roll-out of the new financing and health insurance models. Sanigest provided ongoing support to the NHI in organizing the entire purchasing process and in initiating negotiation /sign-up of contracts between the Social Security Board and providers.
Project Details

Honduras: Technical Assistance for a Certification Model for Private Providers

Technical Assistance for the Design and Implementation of a Certification Model for Private Providers of the Basic Health Package

Sanigest designed a certification model for private health providers on the primary care level in the Honduran Health Secretary. Sanigest experts offered technical support in the formulation of the directory of private providers at the national level, in order to create effective contracting for delivering a basic health services package throughout poor communities.

Project Details

Costa Rica: Primary Health Care Consulting and Management

During a five-year period, Sanigest was a consortium member for a joint venture established to respond to a social security PPP model implemented to provide primary care services in a 15 clinic-primary care network in Escazú, La Carpio, and León XIII. On behalf of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social and ASEMECO, the Sanigest team performed all the initial epidemiological and demographic demand estimates associated with the design of our proposal for management of the PPP and provided direct support to the ongoing management of the 15 clinic network including analysis of the health area performance indicators in comparison with traditional clinic performance; the team also developed performance evaluation schemes for the PPP.
Project Details

Area Expert

James Cercone

Etoile Pinder
Consultant, Survey Expert

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