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Possible the key challenge that all developing economies face in one way or another is the reduction of poverty. Often this involves searching for ways to ensure that economic growth is pro-poor or alternatively to ensure that delivery of public services are accessed by and benefit the poor.
In this way, most Poverty Reduction programs have one of two aims: to lift the poor out of poverty or to provide some of the basic needs of the poor that they, usually for reasons of access or income, cannot fulfill without support.

Sanigest International has worked on many projects with poverty reduction components and has also worked on programs whose sole focus is poverty reduction.

Sanigest’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Poverty assessments and surveys
  • Health and Nutrition Program assessments
  • Program access, utilization and coverage surveys
  • Subsidy and intervention assessments

Costa Rica: Evaluation of Poverty in Costa Rica: The Health Sector and Poverty in Costa Rica.

Sanigest contributed their expertise in the evaluation of the Costa Rican health sector and the poverty prevailing in the country on behalf of the World Bank. The health economists’ objectives involved evaluating the performance of the health sector policies and their impact over the vulnerable populations in the country. Additional services delivered by Sanigest included a benefit-incidence analysis of the social expenditures in the health sector, along with an impact evaluation of the reforms in the health sector. Moreover, Sanigest conducted an analysis of the medium and long-term options to promote the reduction of poverty levels in Costa Rica, focusing on politics for vulnerable sectors.
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