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Sanigest provides expert technical and administrative analysis for the development and implementation of national health systems.



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Innovation is an important attribute of high-performance organizations and it is related to the ability to find better ways of doing things, to take on challenges despite often limited resources. As a result, innovation leads organisations to foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, achieve quality and reach their goals. As part of our innovative strategies, Sanigest has developed Health Information and Technologies projects as personalized solutions for the challenges faced by our health sector clients. By means of the integral design and implementation of information systems we help our clients obtain the highest levels of performance with tailor-made solutions.

Health care is evolving rapidly and Sanigest has integrated the expertise of our consultants physicians and input from our IT team on the leading edge of health technology to develop resources for telemedicine and mobile health, electronic health records, and a wide range of products and services—including software and infrastructure to provide real-time health care delivery and aid in health-related decisions. Our approach to these projects is based on the goal of reduce inefficiencies in health care delivery, prevent medical errors, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork improve patient access, lower costs and increase quality of care.

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