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Sanigest has been working on the introduction of merging trends with regard to the governance of hospitals, examining issues around self-governance, quality assurance and performance assessment and benchmarking. We have implemented innovative models for Hospital management, including the development of a model of hospital autonomy as a fundamental element to ensure the transformation process yields visible results in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

Through the development of our approach, we propose to redefine the term “autonomy” to introduce “governance structures” to ensure effective oversight of the hospital system. The redefinition of hospital autonomy is based on a framework for hospital autonomy that we have successfully used in Serbia, Slovakia, Macedonia and Moldova to encourage the transformation to autonomous hospitals. In our framework we define hospital autonomy along two dimensions: the extent of centralization of decision-making (“extent of autonomy”); and the range of policy and management decisions that are relevant to hospitals (including both policy formulation and implementation). Strengthening these mechanisms constitutes a fourth critical element of organisational reforms that reduce the use of traditional, hierarchical accountability mechanisms.

On this scenario, our Strategic Management approach refers to the function of defining the overall mission of the hospital, setting broad strategic goals, managing the hospital’s assets, and bearing ultimate responsibility for the hospital’s operational policies. Adding a quote of innovation to our Strategic management strengthening process consists of new or better ways of doing things that contribute to value. Linked to this, our innovative Hospital-specific management practices are strongly related to a hospital’s quality of patient care and productivity outcomes. Sanigest hospital management strengthening strategies typically include the following key processes:

Bahamas: Business Plan Development of a Hospital and Rehabilitation Facility

Sanigest has been working with a group of Bahamian physicians to develop the Harbour View Wellness Center, a $45.5 million project that will develop a world-class healthcare facility in Nassau with 50 beds providing surgical, diagnostic, rehabilitation, sub-acute, and long-term care services on an inpatient and outpatient basis, as well as ancillary services to residents and visitors to The Bahamas.. The engagement has been ongoing since 2009 and has included all stages of project development from the initial feasibility study to the business plan development, investor prospectus, and fund-raising. The project management team has over-seen all aspects including the development of functional, architectural, and financial planning.

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Costa Rica: Health Sector Reform

Sanigest organized a discussion seminar focused on health reform and health financing issues among Latin American countries. More specifically, the seminar was based on the consultative work done during the preparation of the Implementation Completion Report for the Health Reform Project in Costa Rica. In addition, the Sanigest team provided the appropriate hospital data for work related to public hospital efficiency in Costa Rica with the Bank.

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Cambodia: Evaluation of Kantha Bopha Hospitals Cambodia

Sanigest executed a comprehensive evaluation of the Kantha Bopha Hospitals (KBH) in Cambodia. The evaluation comprised many parts, including an analysis of the services delivered by Kantha Bopha Hospitals and an assessment of the cost efficiency, as well as an assessment of the progress made by KBH toward financial and institutional sustainability.

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