With its wide-ranging international experience and understanding of education needs in the global context, Sanigest provides exceptional tactical and strategic advice for education projects worldwide. Sanigest assists the public and private sector in developing projects ranging from individual education programs to national restructuring.

  • Early Primary, Primary and Secondary Education
  • Higher Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Vocational Education and Lifelong Learning
  • English Language Learning

Sanigest’s capabilities include:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design and implementation of education reforms
  • Impact assessments

Pay for performance systems for education systems

Some projects in this area include:

Belize: Support of the Social Policy I

The overall objective of the Consultancy is to support the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the development of a reform proposal for more equitable distribution of public resources at the secondary education level within the Belizean education system, with the aim to improve coverage at the secondary level. In order to draw a reform proposal, Sanigest team analyzed MOE collected data on the financing and costing of secondary schooling, and examined resource allocation systems in other countries for comparison and extracting best practices. The findings of the above analysis are presented to key stakeholders, highlighting equity problems with the current system for resource allocation, as well as key aspects of efficient and equitable systems for the allocation of public resources in education. Finally, Sanigest consultants developed a reform proposal with recommendations for increasing equity in the allocation of public resources at the secondary level.
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Belize: Support of the Social Policy II

The significant gaps in the distribution of education resources in Belize, currently favoring richer schools more than poorer ones, is partly the result of the distorted resource allocation mechanism that the Ministry of Education (MOE) administers. This situation motivated the Government of Belize to reform the public financing of secondary schools, first by designing a new resource allocation formula and second by implementing the new model. During the second part of the process, Sanigest International was contracted to support the MOE in the implementation of the recently designed secondary education financing reform.
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Costa Rica: Education Sector and Poverty in Costa Rica

Economists first analyzed the education system from a public and private perspective and reviewed reform policy outcomes and pending areas of improvement. In addition, economists executed a performance evaluation of key indicators, including a gap analysis of the main education outcomes by gender, region, socioeconomic status, and type of institution, along with a public expenditure dynamics evaluation and a benefit-incidence analysis. Furthermore, Sanigest experts conducted a study of the Millennium Development Goals relevant to education to evaluate fulfillment expectations and estimate the expected impact of the World Bank loan “Relanzamiento de la Educacion” in the Costa Rican rural education sector. Moreover, Sanigest’s demographer evaluated the impact of population dynamics and increasing migration with regard to the costs and enrollment in the education system. Last but not least, Sanigest identified the key challenges of the education sector as a means to reduce poverty and inequality and at the same time elaborated an agenda of public options to improve the Costa Rican education system.
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Costa Rica: Economic Study of Costa Rica’s Education

The Sanigest team was commissioned to conduct an integral economic analysis of the Costa Rican educational system, along with the cost of public education. Sanigest carried out their mission through an analysis of the schools’ economic and institutional environment, an evaluation of educational expenditures and economic returns, a financial analysis of capital and recurrent costs of project investments, an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of equity oriented social programs, and an appraisal of teacher productivity, effectiveness, and remuneration.
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