MISSIONOur Mission is to improve performance in the delivery of social sector services.

The realization of this mission requires:

  • Dedication to excellence in service and the development of effective and timely products oriented to the specific needs of our clients.
  • The vision of a productive relationship with our clients and the achievement of measurable results for their organizations.
  • Innovation in the development of solutions achieved by constantly developing new modalities of service for our clients and going beyond the basic requirements to exceed their expectations.
  • Engagement in high performance teams, working side-by-side with our clients to ensure rapid and effective solutions.
  • Focus on value creation based on the needs of our clients, strategic thinking, creativity and technical rigor, as well as an extensive communication with our clients.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of quality in accordance with our quality management system.
  • Clarity of purpose that the ultimate beneficiary of our services is the individual


Our Vision is to be a world leader in the delivery of consulting and management services in the health and social sectors.


Innovation, not emulation: We transform opportunities into solutions, through creativity, research, and applied knowledge.

Passion in what we do: We believe in the value of our contributions to our clients, and continually strive to improve their conditions, as well as the conditions of the people they assist.

Respect for the cultural diversities of our clients: We provide solutions that are focused on the particular cultural identity of our clients, within an environment of respect and the highest regard for the value of diversity.

Leadership: We strive to achieve excellence, be a model for others to follow, to stand behind the credibility of our results, and continually expand our knowledge base.

Proactivity: We aim not to be reactive to our clients’ requests, but anticipate our clients’ needs, difficulties, and opportunities, applying our capabilities to efficiently manage our joint resources through timely and effective communication.

Evidence, not eminence: We want to convince others by the power of our ideas, and the hard evidence of the benefit  achieved by our accumulated experience.

Synergy throughout our teams: Together, we are more than just a group of people; our teamwork capabilities, cohesiveness, and innovation assure that our firm is continuously striving to find solutions that satisfy our clients’ interests and needs as well as create value.