Geographic Information Systems

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Geographic Information Systems

Today, businesses and professionals around the globe in the public and private health sector are using the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to modify current policies of intervention and potentiate the scope of the health care industry.
The GIS tool enables the development and implementation of new and innovative ways to support adequate integration of data in a spatial context. This integration of information produces an enormous amount of information about your project and a spatial image of the real situation being studied, that enables in ultimately a better decision making.

Sanigest has decided to implement in their projects the use of GIS, with this, we are able to study, plan and propose better solutions to the projects in which the firm works.

Our professional team uses the benefits of GIS in each one of our studies to analyze specific infrastructures and places that need to be defined with specific criteria, such as: demographic and epidemiological characteristics, household income, education, proximity to roads, location of hospitals and doctors, distribution of medical equipment, catchment population by medical center, murder, robbery, shootings, rape, calls of emergency, time of transportation and distance between different points, etc.

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