Delivering high quality, low cost care at scale

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Delivering high quality, low cost care at scale

Africa’s accelerated growth has infused government, civil and private sectors with renewed vibrancy and confidence. As its economic momentum increases, governments are investing more to deliver the improved healthcare that citizens demand as well as to protect and accelerate their human capital investment. And while each African country will follow a unique path to healthcare development, it is evident they are facing many similar challenges – higher quality and broader access for sustainable costs. This publication is the culmination of a year’s worth of effort in studying, learning and understanding how our clients and other organisations are experimenting with innovation. In our travels across the world it was clear that many organisations were experimenting with low cost alternatives.

Often these experiments were focused on one part of the value chain, low cost estates or a well developed care pathway. However, expensive medical technology or inappropriate skill mix held them back from completing the puzzle. Getting the pieces right and in the correct order is what our publication aims to do. At our client conference held in Johannesburg in July 2013, we heard that giving pockets of excellence scale can be challenging too.

Indeed, the patient value of low cost and high quality care can only be achieved when these pursuits achieve meaningful scale. Many of the initiatives in our publication are about realising 3 S’s – economies of Scope, Skill and Scale. The combination of these three with high quality leadership and a clear vision are key to enabling scale with pace.

While the focus of this work are emerging economies, many of the lessons can be adapted to higher income countries that increasingly struggling with healthcare costs. I would like to thank our member firm clients for their time during our study and for attending our client conference.

Partners and practitioners from across the network have contributed their time and shared their learning very generously. Lastly to you, engaged industry leaders who are experimenting within your own environment and organisations for taking a leadership role in delivering low cost, high quality care.

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